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Dearly Beloveds!

Behold M’ASS, the finest in contemporary irreligious fervor, homegrown in Las Vegas!

Join a slurry of your favorite deviants and dissidents for our maiden voyage, May 19, 2024, 1p-6p, in Las Vegas:

  • Live music, brought to you by High Step Society (touring thru from New Orleans)
  • Interactive game show and sermon of absurdity, brought to you by Rev. Dr. Al D. Fraud and his Discordia Game Show
  • Hybrid DJ sets brought to you by The Klown and Rev. Dr. Fraud
  • Swilling, brought to you by our open bar
  • Swimming, brought to you by the venue’s pool
  • Spectacular weather, brought to you by Nature

• • • • •

$20 in-person, $5 multi-camera livestream

Request an invitation: THIS IS AN INVITE-ONLY AFFAIR at a private Las Vegas venue. Get more info and request an invitation (which will provide ticketing links) right about here.

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